Things That Are Bigger Than You Thought !

Azzyland - Things That Are Bigger Than You Thought ! For me its usually always animals or some sort of food that you think it would be small and then it arrives and you are like "WOAH". Don't forget to leave a like and comment on which thing caught you off-guard!
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  1. AzzyLand

    AzzyLandPred mesecem

    Things That Are Bigger Than You Thought?....MY DREAMS...My Determination! fridge filled with snacks

  2. lado ahmed

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  4. Hieu Nguyen

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  6. lXMichael_Aft0nXl

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  7. Itzabella World

    Itzabella WorldPred 12 urami

    She literally sounds like Dua LIPA

  8. Itzabella World

    Itzabella WorldPred 12 urami

    She is beautiful

  9. Victoria Hill

    Victoria HillPred 9 dnevi

    That actually isn’t a lion or a tiger but it’s a liger

  10. jaylen kinney

    jaylen kinneyPred 9 dnevi

    dang she hitting puberty

  11. Korey Griffith

    Korey GriffithPred 10 dnevi

    God bless you all

  12. Camilla Huston

    Camilla HustonPred 11 dnevi

    Tigers are the biggest cats

  13. Andy K

    Andy KPred 15 dnevi

    What happened to your voice

  14. AL - 04HJ 902309 Vista Heights PS

    AL - 04HJ 902309 Vista Heights PSPred 15 dnevi

    1 300 000 or 1.3 million earths can fit in the sun(I realy wanted that cookie.

  15. Melita Savona

    Melita SavonaPred 16 dnevi

    Exactly 1.3 million earths can fit inside the sun 😊😅

  16. Maya Schmidt

    Maya SchmidtPred 16 dnevi

    I wish candy was a lot bigger I love candy

  17. Alin Ciobanu

    Alin CiobanuPred 16 dnevi

    That butterfly was AMAZING and so pretty 🦋

  18. Alin Ciobanu

    Alin CiobanuPred 16 dnevi

    Earth can fit 1300000 times in the sun!

  19. Sameer More

    Sameer MorePred 17 dnevi

    Wow hope you get voice back

  20. Sarah Kohl

    Sarah KohlPred 18 dnevi

    I hope you get your voice back soon! Love your videos!😍😍

  21. Mackenna aldrich

    Mackenna aldrichPred 18 dnevi

    I have been watching ur videos since 2019 and I have always loved ur content u probably won't see this but u should do more gaming videos

  22. i eat stuff mega stuff

    i eat stuff mega stuffPred 18 dnevi

    Get well soon azzy! 🤒

  23. IndustrialGamers

    IndustrialGamersPred 19 dnevi

    Are You sick or what?

  24. Naturelle Watkins

    Naturelle WatkinsPred 19 dnevi

    r we not gon talk about how she has lost her voice for more than 4weeks

  25. Katelyn vlogs

    Katelyn vlogsPred 19 dnevi

    I bet you won’t like this comment plus I love your vids and keep up the good work

  26. Bayleeyall 77

    Bayleeyall 77Pred 20 dnevi

    The fact that she lost her voice and is still here making vids like that 𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕫𝕖𝕤 me (。♥‿♥。)

  27. Ayaan Z

    Ayaan ZPred 20 dnevi

    I think she's the most prettiest girl I,ve ever seen my whole life. ! ❤️

  28. Nora Peralta

    Nora PeraltaPred 20 dnevi

    The statue of liberty is actually sopost to Be a boy

  29. blinja ninja

    blinja ninjaPred 20 dnevi

    In my city there is a store that sells traffic lights to put in you room

  30. blinja ninja

    blinja ninjaPred 20 dnevi

    The leather back sea turtle can actually get bigger

  31. Caramel Bloom

    Caramel BloomPred 20 dnevi

    One of her last video everyone was being mean to her, I'm glad some actually nice people are watching her videos

  32. Davanie Santos

    Davanie SantosPred 21 dnevom

    I got earpods and im jest a kid

  33. Jaimee-Lyn le Pere

    Jaimee-Lyn le PerePred 21 dnevom

    h hi azzy I'm a big fan 🦄for you

  34. Hieu Nguyen

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  35. Gollayan, Clarize Anne

    Gollayan, Clarize AnnePred 21 dnevom

    I’m sorry u lost ur voice azzy but don’t worry I will probably go away I just know it😁

  36. King Ghidorah

    King GhidorahPred 22 dnevi

    OH GOD UR VOICE WHAT HAPPENED OH LORD IS IT FLU SEASON ALREADY- eat honey like a bear unless you already tried that

  37. Varona JD

    Varona JDPred 22 dnevi

    For sure there are more than 1,000 Earths that can fit in the Sun.

  38. Aaron Eustace

    Aaron EustacePred 22 dnevi

    I love the fish ones

  39. Datravelin peeps

    Datravelin peepsPred 22 dnevi

    How did you loose your voice?

  40. Jasmin Phoenix

    Jasmin PhoenixPred 22 dnevi

    What happened to your voice, I have been offline for a while but I am back on now

  41. Rebecca Vara

    Rebecca VaraPred 23 dnevi

    5:02 the rag behind her moved on its own

  42. Waller Kids#1

    Waller Kids#1Pred 23 dnevi

    omg are sick

  43. Tony Raeburn

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  44. Tony Raeburn

    Tony RaeburnPred 23 dnevi

    Are you sick 😷??

  45. Pahoua Xiong

    Pahoua XiongPred 23 dnevi

    Azzy you still lost your voice you can take a break

  46. Potato Tomato

    Potato TomatoPred 23 dnevi

    I like it how most commits are about her voice

  47. ScoPeZ

    ScoPeZPred 23 dnevi

    Did you know that 1,000 earths can fit in the sun

  48. Nate Campbell-Humphrey

    Nate Campbell-HumphreyPred 23 dnevi

    Take a break

  49. Clausman Kids

    Clausman KidsPred 23 dnevi

    She kinda sounds like chica in the beginning

  50. Elaine time

    Elaine timePred 24 dnevi

    Let’s make Azzy a measurement who is with me

  51. Melody Hubbard

    Melody HubbardPred 24 dnevi

    Why dose your voice sound croaky!?!?😟🤷‍♀️

  52. AmeElia DaPatAto

    AmeElia DaPatAtoPred 23 dnevi

    @Melody Hubbard np!

  53. Melody Hubbard

    Melody HubbardPred 23 dnevi

    @AmeElia DaPatAto ok thanks for the ofer

  54. AmeElia DaPatAto

    AmeElia DaPatAtoPred 23 dnevi

    shes losing her voice, DONATE TO MAKE HR FEEL BETTER >:D

  55. Donna Blankenship

    Donna BlankenshipPred 24 dnevi

    Azzydoyou have a sore throat? Your. voice is gruffly. Hope you feel better

  56. Everbloom16

    Everbloom16Pred 24 dnevi

    Just saying you guys do NOT want to know how big an angler fish is. If you thought it was the size of a football you are sadly sadly mistaken......

  57. McKinley Wyman

    McKinley WymanPred 24 dnevi

    I got a great dane and he thinks he is a pomorainian

  58. florecant

    florecantPred 24 dnevi

    lets not forget this legend hasnt changed her outro since she started youtube.

  59. simone Naidoo

    simone NaidooPred 24 dnevi

    Are you okay you sound sick😓

  60. SimplyxStrawberry

    SimplyxStrawberryPred 24 dnevi

    Just as u asked azzy: *according to google* It holds 99.8 percent of the solar system's mass and is roughly 109 times the diameter of the Earth - about one million Earths could fit inside the sun. (edit) ILYSM

  61. Lovey_Dove

    Lovey_DovePred 25 dnevi

    Azzyland Supremacy thats it, thats the comment

  62. Debra Flores

    Debra FloresPred 25 dnevi

    YES get a LIEN

  63. Mark Sneddeker

    Mark SneddekerPred 25 dnevi

    7:10 Azzyland: I hate this so much Exotics lair: 🙁🦂🪳🕸🕷

  64. Ashlyn Paredes

    Ashlyn ParedesPred 25 dnevi

    Everyone is trying to get Azzy to like they’re comments and say “even though she is sick she still films”! and I’m just trying not to laugh

  65. Janita Brubaker

    Janita BrubakerPred 25 dnevi

    Ten thousand earths🤔

  66. Kaevan Auguste

    Kaevan AugustePred 25 dnevi

    You broke up with jrodey

  67. Marek Nowicki

    Marek NowickiPred 25 dnevi

    Are you sick

  68. Ian Mitchell

    Ian MitchellPred 25 dnevi

    Wombats are not as squishy as they look

  69. Gacha in a bombshell

    Gacha in a bombshellPred 25 dnevi

    Azzy! take a break! get some rest! i would feel a lot better if you were happy / healthy than if you didn't upload anything for a little while!

  70. Macey`s Vlog

    Macey`s VlogPred 26 dnevi

    What's up with azzys voice can anyone tell me pls

  71. Advaita Ahuja

    Advaita AhujaPred 26 dnevi

    Can i ask a question What is wrong with her voice?

  72. Amaze Aud

    Amaze AudPred 26 dnevi

    I lose my voice too It sounds like I just woke up q-q

  73. ꧁ Fandom’s Cove꧂

    ꧁ Fandom’s Cove꧂Pred 26 dnevi

    After hear Azzy’s poor voice my voice now feels soar-

  74. foge

    fogePred 26 dnevi

    Bruh take a break we would rather not have any videos for a while rather than watch u suffer!!!!!!!!!

  75. Baby Izuku

    Baby IzukuPred 26 dnevi

    Is azzy sick? Bc her voice sounds sick

  76. Dino_Nugz

    Dino_NugzPred 26 dnevi

    They be big😦

  77. Zeah Janulis

    Zeah JanulisPred 26 dnevi

    1.3 million Earths can fit in the sun

  78. &-_Պ0ḉħ1ḉ0_-&

    &-_Պ0ḉħ1ḉ0_-&Pred 26 dnevi

    Guys, do care abt azzy? If u do let's give azzy a break for her voice? Dislike if no like if yes (im talking abt this comment)

  79. Rhonda Payne

    Rhonda PaynePred 27 dnevi

    in my science class my teacher has a stoplight thingy hanging its pretty huge

  80. Jose Batista

    Jose BatistaPred 27 dnevi

    Are you sick ?

  81. Audree Tony

    Audree TonyPred 27 dnevi

    This has absolutely nothing to do with this video but are you a Pisces?

  82. ウォル༻༺ ケイティ

    ウォル༻༺ ケイティPred 27 dnevi

    3:47 *you sure that ain't a dog wrapped in a blanket..?*


    ODETTE HERRPred 28 dnevi

    Well at least now we know the dinosaurs weren’t overreacting ;)

  84. Tadpaul Leachon

    Tadpaul LeachonPred 28 dnevi

    Her voice i think she needs medicine

  85. Jazmin Cardozo

    Jazmin CardozoPred 28 dnevi


  86. Life Foe

    Life FoePred 28 dnevi

    Hi I love your channel

  87. Amanda Davis

    Amanda DavisPred 28 dnevi

    The popo come for you

  88. Amber Greenhow

    Amber GreenhowPred 28 dnevi

    More than one million Earths could fit inside of the sun.

  89. xLanax xSleimanx

    xLanax xSleimanxPred 28 dnevi

    Why do u sound like jojo siwa 😅 sorry 🥺

  90. Amy Johnson

    Amy JohnsonPred 28 dnevi

    I love you. Azzy

  91. Beware of E

    Beware of EPred 28 dnevi

    Why is your "I lost my voice" voice so pretty

  92. Nargis P

    Nargis PPred 29 dnevi

    why she sound like pierson though

  93. Chloe Lawes

    Chloe LawesPred 29 dnevi

    Azzy I want my cookie now because 1.3 million earths can fit in the sun

  94. Anthony Hollenbach

    Anthony HollenbachPred 29 dnevi

    what happened to your voice?

  95. Shadow Flower

    Shadow FlowerPred 29 dnevi

    6:15 that’s huge but are you sure it’s a horses lung?

  96. Elliott Rodgers

    Elliott RodgersPred 29 dnevi

    Yes truck is that big.

  97. Kayleigh Burns

    Kayleigh BurnsPred 29 dnevi

    What happend to you're voice..😂

  98. Mary Ramirez

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  99. dana brandt

    dana brandtPred 29 dnevi

    Azzy your voice is defrent

  100. Jessica Raine Plint

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  101. Varian & Rudiger YT #teamVarian

    Varian & Rudiger YT #teamVarianPred 29 dnevi

    5:34 there’s this game called ‘wolfquest anniversary edition’ and that is literally what u do, you have to chase coyotes and other animals away from your food

  102. Music Girl

    Music GirlPred 29 dnevi

    1.3 earths can fit inside the ☀️

  103. Music Girl

    Music GirlPred 29 dnevi

    AzzyI know how to get your voice back stop talking so much!

  104. Music Girl

    Music GirlPred 29 dnevi

    Not trying to be mean

  105. Kavan Kormendy

    Kavan KormendyPred mesecem

    Godzilla: MOTHRA? IS THAT YOU!!!!

  106. Thanisha Ahmed

    Thanisha AhmedPred mesecem

    Aww ur soo sweet also not to be rude but u kinda sound like those emo girls😂

  107. April Graham Miller

    April Graham MillerPred mesecem

    that is a liger

  108. Lauryn Watson

    Lauryn WatsonPred mesecem

    1.3 million earths can fit in the sun

  109. Lolthisisafakename FAKENAMEE

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    azzy’s voice is still so nice like how-

  110. Annomii

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    What happend to her voice? What actually happend