People with INSANE Collections !

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Azzyland - People with INSANE Collections ! Pokemon cards, coins, stamps, whatever you collect I am pretty sure some of these collections will blow your mind. Don't forget to leave a like! :)
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  1. AzzyLand

    AzzyLandPred mesecem

    I don’t mess with stocks...real value only comes from Pokémon card collections

  2. Jennifer Coyle

    Jennifer CoylePred dnevom

    I collect minature glass sculptures !!! ; D

  3. Zoey Odonnell

    Zoey OdonnellPred 16 dnevi

    Why did u loss your voice

  4. Charlton Hills Brew Co

    Charlton Hills Brew CoPred 18 dnevi


  5. Unicorn Girl

    Unicorn GirlPred 26 dnevi

    She lost her voice but she still makes amazing vids

  6. Tina

    TinaPred 28 dnevi


  7. Jessica Rutherford

    Jessica RutherfordPred 8 urami

    My collection is going to be FNaF anything! I am going to get cosplays, plushes, action figures, and a whole lot more! Oh, okay, I'm the only one who cares about FNaF, okay well...

  8. Angie Huffman

    Angie HuffmanPred 2 dnevi

    I love how Azzy had a pun for all of the collections

  9. ??????

    ??????Pred 2 dnevi

    i have rubber ducks its my colection i like it its funny

  10. lavinia pop

    lavinia popPred 4 dnevi

    my friend: (showing me what she just got) me: (stealing it) my friend : where did it go? my mum: what is that? me : my friend gave it to m

  11. Hobi

    HobiPred 8 dnevi

    This is so embarrassing but I collect the inside of toilet rolls :/

  12. uwu

    uwuPred 8 dnevi

    Some couples give promise rings to each other. Other times one person will give their partner one to pledge their commitment and demonstrate how much they value the relationship. The point is, anyone can give or wear a promise ring. (I sound smart bc i looked it up XD)

  13. Raging Raven

    Raging RavenPred 10 dnevi

    I collect stitch and scooby doo -U-

  14. LEGO Builder the Gamer 1999

    LEGO Builder the Gamer 1999Pred 10 dnevi

    I collect comic books mainly star wars and marvel comics

  15. Soleil M

    Soleil MPred 10 dnevi

    Used to collect a lot of animals.

  16. Alle Kat

    Alle KatPred 11 dnevi

    Poor azzy

  17. Rich.Karen.186 Yas queen

    Rich.Karen.186 Yas queenPred 11 dnevi

    Oh no you lost your voice but you are some how still doing amazing

  18. Brynna Hennig

    Brynna HennigPred 11 dnevi

    I use to collect pokemon cards but stopped at age eight because I reached 489900 pokemon!!

  19. Marissa Rose

    Marissa RosePred 11 dnevi

    I love the monster high collection tho I used to have half of them lol

  20. Marissa Rose

    Marissa RosePred 11 dnevi

    Can’t forget abt the hello kitty stuff either😅

  21. peachy clouds

    peachy cloudsPred 11 dnevi

    i have way too many hair pins

  22. Cheese

    CheesePred 12 dnevi

    I collect fidgets.......

  23. elyse eyford

    elyse eyfordPred 13 dnevi

    Why is your voice different?

  24. Apollo The Wolf

    Apollo The WolfPred 13 dnevi

    I have a collection of about 1000 Pokémon cards but I lost all but four of them 😔 But one day I hope to start collecting Magic the Gathering cards. Also I was thinking about the swimming pool without a ladder thing too when I saw the Sims clip 😂

  25. Zoe Stock

    Zoe StockPred 13 dnevi

    i collected beer bottle caps

  26. Sluggo is Lit

    Sluggo is LitPred 14 dnevi

    Crazy people with sick controller designs

  27. C Herbert

    C HerbertPred 14 dnevi

    When ur on ur mums yt acc and collect toy horses.. Oop I like horses so dont come at me and im totally not 12 years old

  28. arie1350 arie1350

    arie1350 arie1350Pred 15 dnevi


  29. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth AftonPred 15 dnevi

    I have about 50 Pokemon cards from my brothers-

  30. Alice.notfound

    Alice.notfoundPred 15 dnevi

    0:53 4

  31. Chloe Rambarran

    Chloe RambarranPred 16 dnevi

    The person with the stones my mom will faint is she saw all those stones (she loves stones😂😂)

  32. ᴅeᴘʀessed avENGer

    ᴅeᴘʀessed avENGerPred 16 dnevi

    I have stuffie collection too 😊✨

  33. The Guerreros

    The GuerrerosPred 16 dnevi

    I collected food but for some reason I am still skinny

  34. handmaidmd

    handmaidmdPred 16 dnevi

    0:57 donkeys will keep predators away from livestock, and they are good ‘watch dogs’. Also, the price of cows depends on the breed, demand, price of feed, location, etc...

  35. Sweet Savage

    Sweet SavagePred 16 dnevi

    Percy Jackson merch collector here

  36. Navdeep Gill

    Navdeep GillPred 17 dnevi

    What happened to ur voice Azzy

  37. Emma Bryan

    Emma BryanPred 17 dnevi

    I’m not kidding I have one of those exact phones with the same case what theeee

  38. Sonel Du Toit

    Sonel Du ToitPred 17 dnevi

    I colect rocks

  39. Delaney’s World

    Delaney’s WorldPred 18 dnevi

    I have tons of lip balm

  40. XxCloudy DayxX

    XxCloudy DayxXPred 19 dnevi

    7:08 Sierra Zagarri

  41. spy ninja biggest fan

    spy ninja biggest fanPred 19 dnevi

    One thing who was that Monster High person like he loved loved all the Monster High people like loved all the Monster High things I think she goes my school what the also can you please I'm like and subscribe to my SLthrow channel just cause my picture please

  42. Presley Sandobal

    Presley SandobalPred 19 dnevi

    I live in Hawaii

  43. •Gacha Donuts•

    •Gacha Donuts•Pred 20 dnevi

    I have an odd collection, I collect bottle caps from the water bottles that I drank, and only me. I started this sometime in February amd now I have one of those giant bags and 100+ bottle caps

  44. Alaina Seager

    Alaina SeagerPred 20 dnevi

    I collect leaves and I glue them to a book and I got to collect Pokemon cards and the reason I like collecting these because they're always different colours and shapes and sizes and I just loved nature cuz my teacher is obsessed with nature so am I I just love everything about nature

  45. Trinity Flenoid

    Trinity FlenoidPred 20 dnevi

    the lady that has a Chuck E. Cheese Collection NEEDS to get rid of it before it All comes alive and kills her oop!

  46. Issabelle Sherbon

    Issabelle SherbonPred 20 dnevi

    I'm 12

  47. Issabelle Sherbon

    Issabelle SherbonPred 20 dnevi

    I have a flip phoun

  48. SuperFunnySoccer Plays

    SuperFunnySoccer PlaysPred 21 dnevom

    Don’t worry azzy you will get you voice back soon

  49. Thi Thanh Truc Dang

    Thi Thanh Truc DangPred 21 dnevom

    whats your collections?

  50. Thi Thanh Truc Dang

    Thi Thanh Truc DangPred 21 dnevom

    i have few normal coletion me whiell writin: 🤔 me: huh? what another coletion should i do netk?

  51. Alexia Denny

    Alexia DennyPred 22 dnevi

    I SEEN A KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE AHHH and azzy respect your voice has been gone for a while and im going threw your videos and i hope you get your voice back lots of love

  52. Paige Frazzle

    Paige FrazzlePred 22 dnevi

    I collect baby products Don’t ask 😭✋

  53. Lillian Harris

    Lillian HarrisPred 23 dnevi

    I used to collect rocks with my freinds and then sell them

  54. Gabby Whittaker

    Gabby WhittakerPred 23 dnevi

    I never received a promise ring either.

  55. Ava Vlog

    Ava VlogPred 23 dnevi

    Is she sick her voice is skachy

  56. Lillie

    LilliePred 23 dnevi

    7:16 "least likely to have owned by other collectors" BOI i had that all growing up and I have it still

  57. Shadow Cat

    Shadow CatPred 24 dnevi

    My favourite collection was the rocks! 😍 I have a rock collection myself but nowhere near as big as theirs! Like I have an organiser box full of rocks and gemstones but not a whole room full!

  58. Dee Dunbar

    Dee DunbarPred 24 dnevi

    I collect lol surprise dolls I have about 23 of them and my baby brother loves to play with my dolls and I’m trying to teach him some of their names! Why you ask? I don’t know!

  59. Haani . Bea

    Haani . BeaPred 25 dnevi

    i collect plushies i have a basket full of em

  60. Kaduna Holden

    Kaduna HoldenPred 25 dnevi


  61. HoneyM1lk

    HoneyM1lkPred 25 dnevi

    the sanrio room is my dream T^T

  62. Yahna_132 Manalng

    Yahna_132 ManalngPred 25 dnevi

    Your voice-

  63. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrPred 26 dnevi


  64. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrPred 26 dnevi


  65. Kelsey Charles

    Kelsey CharlesPred 26 dnevi

    The dolls😭😭

  66. Kelsey Charles

    Kelsey CharlesPred 26 dnevi

    The price of a cow is between $2000 or 5000

  67. Your Med Guy

    Your Med GuyPred 26 dnevi

    As a youtuber I always woke up with enthusiasm but after watching my analytics it feels to me just quit it. Really the saddest part of being a small youtuber

  68. Red Butler

    Red ButlerPred 26 dnevi

    what happened to you vois

  69. Booatron 3000

    Booatron 3000Pred 26 dnevi

    I have the Lego Hogwarts it has taken 3 years to collect

  70. Sania Banerjee

    Sania BanerjeePred 27 dnevi

    I collect barbie

  71. {Cosmic Wolf1712}

    {Cosmic Wolf1712}Pred 27 dnevi

    A sim:🏀⛵️? Azzy: and I couldn’t agree more Me: ok let me try that secret language 🌟🏹🪀 What did I say I will tell if this gets 67 likes plz comment or I’ll forget about it lol

  72. Ellsbells

    EllsbellsPred 27 dnevi

    I’m saving up towel rolls to break the record for tallest paper towel statue

  73. MariaL Janke

    MariaL JankePred 27 dnevi

    what hapond to her voice?

  74. FrixsyZ

    FrixsyZPred 27 dnevi

    She actully sounds cute when shes sick

  75. Sugxr Kiity

    Sugxr KiityPred 27 dnevi

    Ok, we all know what the thumbnail was about-

  76. Lavender Shines

    Lavender ShinesPred 28 dnevi

    Can I ask how did you lose your voice

  77. Levi The Great

    Levi The GreatPred 28 dnevi

    I have been trying to get a collection of animal figures but the store I could have got them from moved or closed down so now I am mad and I have been trying to find stuff but it’s failing sort of.

  78. Bethany Acosta

    Bethany AcostaPred 28 dnevi

    I collected fidget toys and if you do too or hard of fidgets then like👍

  79. Renna

    RennaPred 28 dnevi

    Cows prices are 400-4000 baby cows-aka calf’s-120-600

  80. Carra Shand

    Carra ShandPred 28 dnevi

    I use to collect erasers that came in different shapes and stuff until my little sister got mad at me one day and used it 😅

  81. Barean Kmall Mohamad

    Barean Kmall MohamadPred 28 dnevi

    What’s wrong with ur voice?

  82. Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry ShortcakePred 28 dnevi

    Sorry ment Azeee

  83. Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry ShortcakePred 28 dnevi

    Hoping that yoo can feel better soon Azeri🤟🏻

  84. Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry ShortcakePred 28 dnevi

    Remember to stay osum stae sweet and don’t forget to be nice to eech uther bi bi

  85. Vampire Girl

    Vampire GirlPred 29 dnevi


  86. Kamila Lopez Jackson

    Kamila Lopez JacksonPred 29 dnevi

    Chuky cheese is a li creepy :|

  87. flying crafts

    flying craftsPred 29 dnevi

    I collect Harry Potter things and squishys I have over 400 squishys

  88. Weird_KittyKat R

    Weird_KittyKat RPred 29 dnevi

    is it bad that its 2021 and i still have a motorola phone-?

  89. The Welsh Sisters

    The Welsh SistersPred 29 dnevi

    I do not know if your voice is still sore or if it is me but if it is sore i hope you get better

  90. Rylee Khoury

    Rylee KhouryPred 29 dnevi

    I used to collect Starbucks gift cards I had like 150!

  91. AliveforKpop AndTheUntamedonNetflix

    AliveforKpop AndTheUntamedonNetflixPred mesecem

    I collect rocks

  92. Jesus damian Garcia barrios

    Jesus damian Garcia barriosPred mesecem

    I love you azzy

  93. daniellefore1

    daniellefore1Pred mesecem

    I had one

  94. Arooj Arain

    Arooj ArainPred mesecem

    I collect beads

  95. Keagan Kendrick

    Keagan KendrickPred mesecem

    I collected snail shells

  96. Kyleigh Broadhead

    Kyleigh BroadheadPred mesecem

    Omggg I honestly like her lost voice then her normal voice

  97. Alyssa Alford

    Alyssa AlfordPred mesecem

    Donkeys keep coyotes away from the cows

  98. blue panda skyla

    blue panda skylaPred mesecem

    Are clay drumsticks ice creams that you lick anything on right now

  99. Anonymooos Rat

    Anonymooos RatPred mesecem

    I collect Harry Potter items ⚡️🪄

  100. Robloxian Lee

    Robloxian LeePred mesecem

    my collection is fidgets

  101. Supaku_ 2ndgen

    Supaku_ 2ndgenPred mesecem

    I collect bnha stuff and monster/bang cans

  102. Felicity Rost

    Felicity RostPred mesecem

    When you collect rocks- I MEan CrYsTaLs and shinny hard things UwU

  103. Harper mooney

    Harper mooneyPred mesecem

    I collect breyer animals

  104. Jolene Courtright

    Jolene CourtrightPred mesecem

    I LoVe StAlK

  105. Miranda Allen

    Miranda AllenPred mesecem

    My Grandpa has a flip phone


    SAMANTHA EPSTEINPred mesecem

    Fleetly changed your voice and you only like the other one give it get it back