How Everyday Things Are Made !

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Azzyland - How Everyday Things Are Made ! These are the secrets behind how they make all our favorite snacks and things. Part of me wants to live in ignorant bliss and the other part of me can't help but watch.
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  1. AzzyLand

    AzzyLandPred 10 dnevi

    Which one of the things in this video shocked you the most?

  2. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrPred 23 urami


  3. sophia the second

    sophia the secondPred 2 dnevi

    Idk but azzy i love uuuuuu

  4. Ken Car

    Ken CarPred 5 dnevi

    That you speak 3 languages

  5. Cookie Monster6

    Cookie Monster6Pred 6 dnevi

    Hi azzy I love your video

  6. Ladavidan Johnson

    Ladavidan JohnsonPred 6 dnevi

    The chiken🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

  7. Mrs Lovegood-Malfoy

    Mrs Lovegood-MalfoyPred 4 urami

    I have a legit movie theater popcorn maker. Now I can have movie theater popcorn when ever

  8. katie J

    katie JPred 16 urami

    lol azzy u were saying u don’t wanna have to get braces you could get invisaligns

  9. Drayonna Robinson

    Drayonna RobinsonPred 19 urami

    All I got to say is you might want to get retainers because since you already had the growth in your teeth as an adult it will kind of be a little messy to get braces because your teeth doesn't really grow that much when you don't now so like trying to fix them and getting them straight by now you probably need a retainer it would probably work better than braces because they're meant for her teeth like when they're little enough where they do have a bunch of girl grow me to put it in there so they can send it straight and you keep them in for years yeah I would probably advise you to get a retainer

  10. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrPred 23 urami


  11. sophia swain

    sophia swainPred dnevom

    azzy try invisine it is better then braces less scary and all around easier my friend uses invisline and she like is plus you can take it out so you can eat things like gum candy and all sorts of other things that you cant with braces

  12. HopefulMoon

    HopefulMoonPred 2 dnevi

    Actually that is not a retainer it’s an expander I had one and it had a key sort of thing to expand my upper jaw

  13. Ríoghnaigh Finn Spellissy

    Ríoghnaigh Finn SpellissyPred 2 dnevi

    I love these videos 😊

  14. Alvin Dhoray

    Alvin DhorayPred 3 dnevi

    Bro- did u guys realize that Azzy's voice is dif-? ik that some of u guys already Realized that but- If u take a look at her 2018, 2019 videos, it's more High Pitched- (This is a girl UwU-)

  15. Lia Midori

    Lia MidoriPred 3 dnevi

    9:31 dat me, I am she

  16. D Adams

    D AdamsPred 4 dnevi

    Yo are you ok Azzyland your voice is raspy.

  17. Respawn Gamer

    Respawn GamerPred 4 dnevi

    Noice 😇👌

  18. C C

    C CPred 4 dnevi

    I love you

  19. Berthiaume Amy

    Berthiaume AmyPred 4 dnevi

    Whait english is your 3ed language I’m curious what’s your 1st and 2ed??

  20. Sarah Thomson

    Sarah ThomsonPred 4 dnevi

    When it was the 1:12 Mins that was the The Movie Meg (sorry i am late)

  21. ꨄetsukaꨄ

    ꨄetsukaꨄPred 4 dnevi

    I feel like you should chill on the merch prices

  22. kittykraft 198

    kittykraft 198Pred 5 dnevi

    Azzy I'm just slightly confused is your voice a tiny bit crackly?

  23. 6sis 1Bro

    6sis 1BroPred 5 dnevi

    Don’t be embarrassed to have braces at your age that’s what o love about you so much you don’t care what other people think your Amazing and I have to get braces in a mont June 2nd I’m not excited ither I’m 11 but braces you’d look cute in btw I can’t but your stuff I don’t have enough money cause I can’t work to young 😂

  24. James Walker

    James WalkerPred 5 dnevi

    I have to get braces and I'm 9 years old lol 😁😁😁

  25. Kishan Snell

    Kishan SnellPred 5 dnevi

    I love how caring and Goofy Azzy is

  26. notiampanda22

    notiampanda22Pred 5 dnevi

    Yay merch

  27. Gacha Bunny Bear2

    Gacha Bunny Bear2Pred 5 dnevi

    I wish I could get the phone case merch but it’s not in my phone size😭😭😭

  28. TT Princess

    TT PrincessPred 5 dnevi

    Azzy my two front teeth are completely sideways

  29. Abby Underkoffler

    Abby UnderkofflerPred 6 dnevi

    Try throat coat tea, or homemade chicken soup/broth

  30. Lien Westbrook

    Lien WestbrookPred 6 dnevi

    So Fine.

  31. Moriah Myrie

    Moriah MyriePred 6 dnevi

    My sister works at KFC so I'm allowed to go behind the stage and see everything

  32. Mario Olsen

    Mario OlsenPred 6 dnevi

    I miss u and jordi...😔

  33. Mark Emerson

    Mark EmersonPred 6 dnevi


  34. Elizabeth Baker

    Elizabeth BakerPred 6 dnevi

    I own a pair of converse shoes and I still play with the door stopper.👍 Also I’m curious, was the “English is my first language” a joke? If not what we’re your first languages?

  35. nickyboi augmentol

    nickyboi augmentolPred 6 dnevi

    The way you say buttery! Lol

  36. Patricia Sandoval

    Patricia SandovalPred 6 dnevi

    Are you sick or tired?

  37. Mya Diaz

    Mya DiazPred 6 dnevi

    It's ok Azzy because the fact you even took time to make merch and all these awesome videos almost every day is amazing 😊💕💞 You should be very proud

  38. Hrihaan Dalal

    Hrihaan DalalPred 6 dnevi

    Her backgrounds are always so nice and comforting

  39. karolelena filipovic

    karolelena filipovicPred 6 dnevi

    are you sick? :(

  40. Aurora Garraway

    Aurora GarrawayPred 6 dnevi

    Azzy i rlly wanna know more adt ur life if ur up to that Id like to see how u yourself are feeling and stuff like that but only if ur ok with it

  41. Venkata Chaparala

    Venkata ChaparalaPred 6 dnevi


  42. LuigiChamp Number 1

    LuigiChamp Number 1Pred 7 dnevi

    Yes Azzy when can we go back to movies 🎥 I want this covid 19 to be over so everything can be back to normal especially going back to the movies

  43. Unknown K

    Unknown KPred 7 dnevi

    I'm came back to her channel after rlly long and I realized that her voice changed. :(

  44. I am A melon

    I am A melonPred 7 dnevi

    The melon still kinda does play the door stopper

  45. bookofpaiges

    bookofpaigesPred 7 dnevi

    Happy late birthday me an you have the same birthday and I just found that out 😂😂 (Feb 23)

  46. Alana_ doesn't_care

    Alana_ doesn't_carePred 7 dnevi

    Azzy is such a cute lady

  47. Charles Enterline

    Charles EnterlinePred 7 dnevi


  48. Lainey Meyer

    Lainey MeyerPred 7 dnevi

    When you said frozen pizza me and best friend are eating pizza

  49. Camryn Thomas

    Camryn ThomasPred 7 dnevi

    Your supposed to split the cookie in half then eat one half then read the fortune then eat the other half

  50. Heaven Johnson

    Heaven JohnsonPred 7 dnevi

    Ok the retainer had my face like 😶

  51. Heaven Johnson

    Heaven JohnsonPred 7 dnevi

    Even though Azzy's voice still, sounds funny she still making videos for all of us she loves us she's trying to keep up her amazing world she's the most humble and sweet girl 🥺💖💖

  52. Kosh 963

    Kosh 963Pred 7 dnevi

    The poor Corgi... 😂😂 8:26

  53. Emma Mendoza

    Emma MendozaPred 7 dnevi

    All of them 😁😍

  54. Flyinspud

    FlyinspudPred 7 dnevi

    Hey, Azzy I know you won't read this but I wanna say, you are really inspiring and one day I hope my channel could be good like yours! Your amazing at youtube and your videos cheer me up when I'm down and all your videos are amazing, I have been a fan for ages now. There thats all I want to say and I hope you read this 🙏

  55. Dorothy Garcia

    Dorothy GarciaPred 7 dnevi

    Hey azzy get Invisalign with smart track technology it moves teeth more comfortably and accurately plus you can eat the foods you love and people won’t notice it unlike braces where it’s noticeable

  56. Lillian McKinney

    Lillian McKinneyPred 7 dnevi


  57. Fox0Fire

    Fox0FirePred 7 dnevi

    are you sick?

  58. Willow Dillon

    Willow DillonPred 7 dnevi

    Those are ramen noodles ??

  59. Willow Dillon

    Willow DillonPred 7 dnevi

    I'm not good at english but it's my first language

  60. 영원히Juju

    영원히JujuPred 7 dnevi

    Lol I had that spacer too! It hurt when the doctor was undoing everything my mom and aunt did when we cranked it😂

  61. Astro Genz

    Astro GenzPred 7 dnevi

    I haven’t watched u in so long u sound different

  62. Random thing with Hannah

    Random thing with HannahPred 7 dnevi

    Did you move

  63. Nebiat Azaria

    Nebiat AzariaPred 7 dnevi

    Relaxing. 😃 Not. 😈

  64. KawaiiTube

    KawaiiTubePred 7 dnevi

    I love you azzyyyyy!!💕💞

  65. KawaiiTube

    KawaiiTubePred 7 dnevi

    I have braces!!!!

  66. Lucy Kannenberg

    Lucy KannenbergPred 7 dnevi

    Did anybody else realize how Azzy apologized to the chair? She is so sweet!

  67. kristy may

    kristy mayPred 7 dnevi

    Azzie why do you not play Roblox your two friends Leah and Sanna they used to have play Roblox now

  68. My Life

    My LifePred 7 dnevi

    Sorry I'm late to the vid, my internet's been down the entire week!

  69. Tink sky

    Tink skyPred 7 dnevi

    9:00 A few days ago I literally got a fortune that said "Warning: Do not eat this fortune." O_o

  70. Mikaële Lemieux

    Mikaële LemieuxPred 7 dnevi

    Azyme I’m sorry but your teeth look ok and my teeth look vvvvvaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyy crooked

  71. Team Kijoba

    Team KijobaPred 7 dnevi

    You sound sick get better

  72. Kyra Graston

    Kyra GrastonPred 7 dnevi

    My big bro has one of those things that go in your mouth with braces it's called internal head gear it's an option if you dont the head gear that goes around your head

  73. gweneira abitha

    gweneira abithaPred 7 dnevi


  74. Lonely. E-girl16

    Lonely. E-girl16Pred 8 dnevi

    Is azzy losing her voice or is she sick

  75. Ashley brown

    Ashley brownPred 8 dnevi

    I hope you feel better you are losing your voice

  76. Zion Morgan

    Zion MorganPred 8 dnevi

    My sister had braces and now there off and she is more pretty

  77. Equestrian Survivor

    Equestrian SurvivorPred 8 dnevi

    Azzy...if u do get braces, I’m warning u...EAT WHAT U CAN AND ENJOY IT just as ur #1 fan...I’m just telling u it’s painful 😖

  78. Bryan Ada r

    Bryan Ada rPred 8 dnevi

    I have to crooked teeth

  79. XxXLunaHowlXxX

    XxXLunaHowlXxXPred 8 dnevi

    4:13 Sonic Theme intencifies

  80. eve

    evePred 8 dnevi

    The fact that she made sure that the workers who made their merch were treated well before she could launch it proves she has an amazing character

  81. eve

    evePred 8 dnevi

    The fact that she made sure that the workers who made their merch were treated well before she could launch it proves she has an amazing character

  82. eve

    evePred 8 dnevi

    The fact that she made sure that the workers who made their merch were treated well before she could launch it proves she has an amazing character

  83. XxXLunaHowlXxX

    XxXLunaHowlXxXPred 8 dnevi

    i dont normally watch azzy too often but all i know is her voice has been raspy for a long time, can someone exsplain why?

  84. Aubree bumblebee Deemie wolf

    Aubree bumblebee Deemie wolfPred 8 dnevi

    my mom got braces when she was 39

  85. Nevaeh Reese

    Nevaeh ReesePred 8 dnevi

    "How rolls of grass get ready for prom"lol

  86. Galaxy Gaming

    Galaxy GamingPred 8 dnevi

    Can I get that blanket folder for when I’m camping and using a sleeping bag lol

  87. Nevaeh Reese

    Nevaeh ReesePred 8 dnevi

    The movie for when the actors were yeeted around was the meg i love it and i highly recommend it. I think its pg 13

  88. John Wenzel

    John WenzelPred 8 dnevi

    i have a retainer and when its tightened its just some presssure so =p

  89. Charlotte Allen

    Charlotte AllenPred 8 dnevi

    And I can’t get the merch because my mom says I spend too much alouens on robucs

  90. Charlotte Allen

    Charlotte AllenPred 8 dnevi

    She cares about trolls so much 🥺

  91. XxpotatoexX

    XxpotatoexXPred 8 dnevi

    0:55 losing your voice?

  92. Kenxji

    KenxjiPred 8 dnevi


  93. Brenda Green

    Brenda GreenPred 8 dnevi

    Azzy are you ok your voice sounds skewey are you ok????

  94. kiki Gaming

    kiki GamingPred 8 dnevi

    AZZY your voice sound different

  95. Peaches Pop

    Peaches PopPred 8 dnevi

    I’m Vietnamese and my grandmother told me that you open the fortune cookie then eat half and when ur done with half look at the fortune and if u don’t like it then don’t eat the other half but if u do then u can eat the other half (I know no one cares but I’m just saying)

  96. Dennis McMillan

    Dennis McMillanPred 8 dnevi

    That wasn’t a door stopper it was a trampoline spring

  97. ItsJulixaa

    ItsJulixaaPred 8 dnevi

    Somebody come get yooo hammmm gonna get lost in my DM’s WHAT!?! My DM’s WUTTT?!?

  98. eddie stone

    eddie stonePred 8 dnevi

    omg that is so funny i always play that "prfifeshany"

  99. Dahlia Adcock

    Dahlia AdcockPred 8 dnevi

    What Happened to your voice???

  100. Vanshika pawar

    Vanshika pawarPred 8 dnevi

    You think that you are the only youtuber with 13 million subscribers and didn't had a murch carryminati has 30 million but still does not have a murch

  101. Sarah Ernster

    Sarah ErnsterPred 8 dnevi

    If you get a bad fortune just eat it...

  102. Alexander_Plays YT

    Alexander_Plays YTPred 8 dnevi

    All of them

  103. KaliKatNotBat

    KaliKatNotBatPred 8 dnevi


  104. Gabrielle LaBoy

    Gabrielle LaBoyPred 8 dnevi

    i would really want to buy a tie sweater but... its to expensive and my mom told me if i wanted it i would have too buy it myself):

  105. Gabrielle LaBoy

    Gabrielle LaBoyPred 8 dnevi

    i would really want to buy a tie sweater but... its to expensive and my mom told me if i wanted it i would have too buy it myself):