Tiktoks That Only Siblings Will Understand !

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Azzyland - Tiktoks That Only Siblings Will Understand ! Sometimes they take your clothes or eat your last snack, but we love them anyways. Don't forget to leave a like if you loved this video!
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  1. AzzyLand

    AzzyLandPred 23 dnevi

    Do you have siblings? Tell me about them in the replies! ❤️

  2. Sarah Walsh

    Sarah WalshPred 15 dnevi

    I am the oldest sibling and my baby sisters name is everly and my brothers name is Zachary and my little brothers name is ryker and they are anying

  3. sage preddy

    sage preddyPred 23 dnevi

    I have a big bother he is so mean to me and a cute baby sis but she can open doors and cabinet and climb the up the stairs so she opens the door of my room

  4. Malilly Massamba

    Malilly MassambaPred 23 dnevi

    Im the youngest and my sister says in annoying 🥺

  5. Stephanie Gutierrez

    Stephanie GutierrezPred 23 dnevi

    I am the youngest sibling here and my family😑

  6. Lucy Arnold

    Lucy ArnoldPred 23 dnevi

    @Lauren Dahlman Oh no that's sad. Yeah I always get picked on my the second oldest sister in my fam

  7. Tayla-Jayd Schwertfeger

    Tayla-Jayd SchwertfegerPred 34 minutami

    I’m the oldest

  8. Kaylin Tec

    Kaylin TecPred uro

    hehe im the yungest and im 8 im turning 9 in dec 3

  9. Ashlyn Godsmark

    Ashlyn GodsmarkPred uro


  10. Nick Walker

    Nick WalkerPred uro

    My sister she's the youngest one time she ate THE LAST COOOOOKIE😥🤣

  11. Megann Ridgewell

    Megann RidgewellPred uro

    I’m the youngest

  12. Hawaiiangirl 808

    Hawaiiangirl 808Pred 2 urami

    I'm the youngest of 2 my brother does not like me but in my case oldest is favorite because he's always first

  13. svnflowerzoe

    svnflowerzoePred 4 urami

    im the oldest lol 🤠

  14. Benedicte Denis

    Benedicte DenisPred 8 urami

    I’m the youngest so everybody calls me the “baby”

  15. Rylie Charron

    Rylie CharronPred 8 urami

    im the middle sibbling out of 4

  16. Rainbows

    RainbowsPred 9 urami

    I’m the oldest

  17. Bunbun Playz

    Bunbun PlayzPred 10 urami

    Middle sadly

  18. Jacyon World

    Jacyon WorldPred 11 urami

    I am the youngest child unfortunately

  19. Nat Bug

    Nat BugPred 11 urami

    Elder, my sisters Bella middle vana is younger

  20. Lizzy C Side

    Lizzy C SidePred 12 urami

    I m the Eldest

  21. Brandy Dorsey

    Brandy DorseyPred 13 urami

    im odestand me and my sister get echother but the youngest heck no

  22. Tania Prontka

    Tania ProntkaPred 18 urami

    I I am the older sister😭

  23. Sparkle princess

    Sparkle princessPred 22 urami

    I'm the middle 👁️👄👁️👍

  24. Robyn Austwick

    Robyn AustwickPred 22 urami

    And the youngest

  25. Noor Snitselaar

    Noor SnitselaarPred dnevom


  26. Kawaii Ace

    Kawaii AcePred dnevom

    I’m the middle child

  27. Sariah Baker

    Sariah BakerPred dnevom

    I am the ugist

  28. Rovlxa

    RovlxaPred dnevom

    I have 4 siblings I’m the fourth all together we are 5

  29. Sophie Rea

    Sophie ReaPred dnevom

    I’m the oldest sibling

  30. Naeco Gaming

    Naeco GamingPred dnevom

    so technacly me and my twin sister are the middle children but she's 5mins younger than me so i dunno, but then my older sister is the oldest and my older brother is the second child then me and my twin sister, then it's my little sister and the youngest is my baby brother, so yea it's allot of us. ages: 15 older sis, 13 older bro, 10 me and my twin sis, 6 my little sis and 1 my baby bro. XD

  31. Jazmine Acosta

    Jazmine AcostaPred dnevom

    eldest in the house for me its the ice cream one whys it so true

  32. Caitlin Francis

    Caitlin FrancisPred dnevom


  33. Lissy IsOf

    Lissy IsOfPred dnevom

    Middle child :(

  34. Lissy IsOf

    Lissy IsOfPred dnevom

    I the only girl so it hard to miss me




  36. Vivian Silvagnoli

    Vivian SilvagnoliPred dnevom

    I have a siblings

  37. Gachamydriend

    GachamydriendPred dnevom

    My sister is CrAsY SO MuCh


    MIRAYA MULEY_ICSEPred dnevom


  39. • s u k i - s a n •

    • s u k i - s a n •Pred 2 dnevi

    Youngest at 13 :D

  40. Katherine Munoz

    Katherine MunozPred 2 dnevi

    wait is it just me or does azzy sound like the actor from jessie

  41. Leeya

    LeeyaPred 2 dnevi

    My grate grandmas birthday was December 23 and she would wake up early on her birthday and put some of her birthday presents under the Christmas tree, so I would seam like she got more presents than her sister.

  42. Soundwave

    SoundwavePred 2 dnevi

    2:37 I can relate to that. As a younger sibling with an older brother who barely leaves his room I have to make sure he isn't dead

  43. ashleywcollins

    ashleywcollinsPred 2 dnevi

    Youngest player

  44. Chrys Ellica

    Chrys EllicaPred 2 dnevi

    I am the oldest

  45. Hannah Pinson

    Hannah PinsonPred 2 dnevi

    i'm the yongest

  46. Willow Dillon

    Willow DillonPred 2 dnevi

    I'm the second youngest of 12 kids

  47. Theresa Vogel

    Theresa VogelPred 2 dnevi


  48. Kate Simms

    Kate SimmsPred 2 dnevi

    I’m the youngest

  49. Alba Dominguez

    Alba DominguezPred 2 dnevi

    I’m olsdest to my only sister

  50. games with me

    games with mePred 2 dnevi

    Me eating the last ice cream:😁 My brothers: YOU BRAT YOUR SO FAT I NEVER GET THE LAST ICE CREAM

  51. All About Mal

    All About MalPred 2 dnevi

    I'm the youngest out of 5

  52. Marynske Terblanche

    Marynske TerblanchePred 2 dnevi

    Only kid

  53. myla thompson

    myla thompsonPred 2 dnevi

    Im the middle child

  54. Krista Kuzmane

    Krista KuzmanePred 2 dnevi


  55. Ava and Sophie

    Ava and SophiePred 2 dnevi

    I am the oldest i am 8 and my little sister is 6 by the way I love your SLthrow videos

  56. Its amey

    Its ameyPred 3 dnevi

    The oldest and middle and youngest is true

  57. Ash Reynoso

    Ash ReynosoPred 3 dnevi

    I'm 10 and the youngest I have 3 sisters and 1 brother

  58. Haleigh Jaquez

    Haleigh JaquezPred 3 dnevi


  59. Allison Maturo

    Allison MaturoPred 3 dnevi

    I am the youngest

  60. Dr Rimsha

    Dr RimshaPred 3 dnevi

    I'm the 1st middle child. Its my older brother, me, my little brother and youngest brother. Yes but I dont get attention like my little brothers, cause youngest needs attention, middle brother, he cries alot and has anger issues. My older bro, he always in his room. The only time he comes out in ramadan for aftari (Muslims will understand) but my parents do get me alot of stuff

  61. Jaslynn Kweon

    Jaslynn KweonPred 3 dnevi

    not me watching this at 3:30 on a school night

  62. Bilal Mirzw Family

    Bilal Mirzw FamilyPred 3 dnevi


  63. Radwa Ewais

    Radwa EwaisPred 3 dnevi


  64. Dua Ahmedali

    Dua AhmedaliPred 3 dnevi

    I am only child

  65. Autumn Haynes

    Autumn HaynesPred 3 dnevi

    I mean I'm in year 3

  66. Autumn Haynes

    Autumn HaynesPred 3 dnevi

    I'm youngest in the family while my 🐈🐱 the youngest she's only 11 weeks and I'm three so it's kind of

  67. PhxDalis

    PhxDalisPred 3 dnevi

    Why do I luv her voice when it's cracked 😭😭 she kinda sounds like debby ryan 😂😂

  68. Buff Frog

    Buff FrogPred 4 dnevi

    Youngest, I have an older sister 3 years older, and she is like my best friend!

  69. Aansh Rahaman

    Aansh RahamanPred 4 dnevi

    middle -cries-

  70. Luna Cobra & Kitsune!

    Luna Cobra & Kitsune!Pred 4 dnevi

    why my sis is the middle she loves it I'm the eldest lemme tell u ya dont get to do anything tho

  71. JessJMO

    JessJMOPred 4 dnevi


  72. JessJMO

    JessJMOPred 4 dnevi

    Only child


    SHINO CAMPBELLPred 4 dnevi


  74. Addisyn Buchanan

    Addisyn BuchananPred 4 dnevi

    Yes and I am the youngest

  75. Amelie Hardman

    Amelie HardmanPred 4 dnevi

    OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG the girl who does the "i just wanted to say hello to your friend" ITS HERMIONE

  76. Vicky Booysen

    Vicky BooysenPred 4 dnevi


  77. Miss T BC

    Miss T BCPred 4 dnevi

    I'm the eldest child and my little brothers rage could power our entire house with everything on/running

  78. Jesse Luque

    Jesse LuquePred 4 dnevi

    Only child

  79. Ann Chebet

    Ann ChebetPred 4 dnevi

    I am the middle one and I have two brothers it's so hard

  80. Leanne Nealon

    Leanne NealonPred 4 dnevi

    Only child 😭

  81. Bethany Willingham

    Bethany WillinghamPred 4 dnevi

    Is your voice okay?!?!?

  82. Aaliyah Paruk

    Aaliyah ParukPred 4 dnevi



    •CHERRYBXMB•Pred 4 dnevi

    im The Yungest i acually get evrything only wit a momy dady pwease🥺

  84. Riya Sparkles

    Riya SparklesPred 4 dnevi

    I'm da only child :DDDDD

  85. Gracie Burns

    Gracie BurnsPred 5 dnevi

    im the only girl well exept my mom but i have 3 brothers

  86. Lillie

    LilliePred 5 dnevi

    Eldest of us two children

  87. Mckenna Grace Jackson

    Mckenna Grace JacksonPred 5 dnevi

    im the middle child:/

  88. Kaylee Wilson

    Kaylee WilsonPred 5 dnevi


  89. Ty Patrick

    Ty PatrickPred 5 dnevi

    Only child

  90. Olga Nováková

    Olga NovákováPred 5 dnevi

    im the youngest. sister is oldest. brother middle child. me YOUNGEST

  91. C R

    C RPred 5 dnevi

    I am youngest

  92. Mariah Merriweather

    Mariah MerriweatherPred 5 dnevi


  93. Lindsey Cusick

    Lindsey CusickPred 5 dnevi

    im the yongest

  94. Tracy Fox

    Tracy FoxPred 5 dnevi

    only child

  95. Jme Elbelau

    Jme ElbelauPred 5 dnevi

    I'm the oldest child

  96. Skylar Wexler

    Skylar WexlerPred 5 dnevi

    I have one older brother and he is so annoying when I have my boyfriend or friends over

  97. Skylar Wexler

    Skylar WexlerPred 5 dnevi

    Also one of them is in the army

  98. Skylar Wexler

    Skylar WexlerPred 5 dnevi

    Sry I meant to say 2 older brothers

  99. Faith gaming life

    Faith gaming lifePred 5 dnevi

    I have a 3 year old sister and she's like the Evil devel that lives in my house

  100. Faith gaming life

    Faith gaming lifePred 5 dnevi

    Im oldest

  101. nibelis gomez

    nibelis gomezPred 5 dnevi

    yes I have siblings, I have 3 sisters but 2 r my half-sisters but I'm the middle child the youngest sister is so annoying but such a diva and my 2 half-sisters I rarely see them cause they live in different countries

  102. Camila Leon

    Camila LeonPred 5 dnevi

    im the oldesttt :D

  103. Iracema Rosado

    Iracema RosadoPred 5 dnevi

    Younger so I you I get everything

  104. Jay Sparks

    Jay SparksPred 5 dnevi

    My birthday is tomorrow and I'm turning 10

  105. Jay Sparks

    Jay SparksPred 5 dnevi

    And I have one sister that is 10 years older than me

  106. zakarylukas

    zakarylukasPred 5 dnevi

    IM THE YOUNGEST CHILD AND I HATE MY OLDER BROTHER he’s mean I only have one sibling

  107. Camille & Ava Hart

    Camille & Ava HartPred 5 dnevi

    only child but my friends fells like a brother to me

  108. Leyla Rivera

    Leyla RiveraPred 5 dnevi

    At my mom's I'm the youngest at my dad's I'm the middle

  109. carmela scala

    carmela scalaPred 5 dnevi


  110. Molly Christiansen

    Molly ChristiansenPred 6 dnevi