Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!

I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!

That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!







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People Living in 3021 !
  1. Mahathi Murari

    Mahathi MurariPred 21 uro

    5:37 Did anyone notice that the girl who gave TMI was the one to screenshot the messages like WOW 😂😂😂

  2. Sarah Corsbie

    Sarah CorsbiePred 21 uro

    miraclous ladybug fans when they hear paris: say less ;)

  3. Arlene San Diego

    Arlene San DiegoPred 21 uro

    Start the joke Kassie:ewewewew

  4. Xkiaraxx

    XkiaraxxPred 21 uro

    Azzy complaining about her hair she looks onfleak

  5. NL

    NLPred 21 uro

    I agree with azzy

  6. Lokesh Patel

    Lokesh PatelPred 21 uro

    7:23 lmao, my stomach aches now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Solo Ase

    Solo AsePred 21 uro

    Shout up birch

  8. Solo Ase

    Solo AsePred 21 uro

    Why would you let the girl cut off your hair

  9. Hrishti Mund

    Hrishti MundPred 21 uro

    Hehe haha hoho

  10. Solo Ase

    Solo AsePred 21 uro

    I thinkers clickbait

  11. Solo Ase

    Solo AsePred 21 uro

    Go to the hairdresser

  12. Elizabeth Trescott

    Elizabeth TrescottPred 21 uro

    12 sib,ings and I already have a boyfriend my mom gave birth dto dang early lol==============D

  13. RippingJack76

    RippingJack76Pred 21 uro

    Can I answer your question about the Milky Way candy bar. I'm informed that it's very much like the British version of the Mars Bar.

  14. Hrishti Mund

    Hrishti MundPred 21 uro

    Soo exiting



    that is clearly aa wig'

  16. •Mei Mei

    •Mei MeiPred 21 uro

    Me:that is an emergency, how does she get her food from the fridge then? ☹️ Edit: Poor girl ->-

  17. Cat lover

    Cat loverPred 21 uro

    Is it just me or does the babysitter sound a little bit like kassie?

  18. arwa omar

    arwa omarPred 21 uro


  19. Je'Playz AppleSauce

    Je'Playz AppleSaucePred 21 uro


  20. Mikey

    MikeyPred 21 uro

    Who else got this is in the recommendation after 2 years

  21. Xandria Bennese

    Xandria BennesePred 21 uro

    I am ending School

  22. Fun with Freya

    Fun with FreyaPred 21 uro

    I think Franklin will be a fox?

  23. Z-jan Nilla

    Z-jan NillaPred 21 uro

    R 2 2 2

  24. Sssniperleopard

    SssniperleopardPred 21 uro

    House tour

  25. innaya mahmud

    innaya mahmudPred 22 urami

    the on and of button is even in pakistan

  26. Je'Playz AppleSauce

    Je'Playz AppleSaucePred 22 urami

    1:36 POV: You pressed a bottom of a book so hard.


    ARTIDOESGAMINGPred 22 urami

    Sorry I don't have a Swimming pool

  28. Cassie Egel

    Cassie EgelPred 22 urami

    My tattoo would say AZZY LAND IS THE BEST 🦋🦋💓💓🐰🐰🍡🍡

  29. Jason Hogan

    Jason HoganPred 22 urami

    Are you sick your voice is off 🥺🥺

  30. Deividas Aluzas

    Deividas AluzasPred 22 urami

    BTS Dynamite

  31. Muhammad Ibrahim

    Muhammad IbrahimPred 22 urami

    You are cutie pie 😇💙💓



    Azzy: If you watch this at 2020 me: 2021

  33. Gap_Tooth Randoms

    Gap_Tooth RandomsPred 22 urami

    Bestie I’ve litterly baked cookies on the car here in az lolll




  35. Victoria Swan

    Victoria SwanPred 22 urami

    Who doesn't want to eat their face? -Azzyland 2018

  36. Rhythm Pritha

    Rhythm PrithaPred 22 urami

    i love Bts

  37. Itz_SM 3.0

    Itz_SM 3.0Pred 22 urami

    when i was 5 i walked on a glass and my mom's friend & her were scared but i was jumping and running🤣😎🍕🍔🍟🌭🍿🍦🍨🥧🍩🍧🍪🧁🍰🎂🍫🍬🍭🍯🍮🍡

  38. Nevaeh Grant

    Nevaeh GrantPred 22 urami


  39. Cayven Severino

    Cayven SeverinoPred 22 urami

    Merida Angela A. Macalipay

  40. miranda torres

    miranda torresPred 22 urami

    My little sister is scared of emergency sounds

  41. Pineapple Pleb

    Pineapple PlebPred 22 urami

    I failed before I even clicked the video. The thumbnail got me 🤧

  42. Aicha Latrache

    Aicha LatrachePred 22 urami

    Why don't you do fun videos enymore 😢😢😢

  43. Tegan Martin

    Tegan MartinPred 23 urami

    Spiderman homecoming

  44. Esther P

    Esther PPred 23 urami

    To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! 🦋

  45. toxic bxtch

    toxic bxtchPred 23 urami

    why was 7:01 the cutest thing ever-🥺

  46. Nevaeh Grant

    Nevaeh GrantPred 23 urami

    omg Azzy ! Why peopl do that

  47. Sparkle princess

    Sparkle princessPred 23 urami

    I'm the middle 👁️👄👁️👍

  48. Vanessa Adarkwah

    Vanessa AdarkwahPred 23 urami

    It is going to be the right l Pending😕😕😩😩😩

  49. Love Life

    Love LifePred 23 urami

    Stealing soap one pump at a time -Azzyland 2021

  50. layla funny yummy show

    layla funny yummy showPred 23 urami


  51. Sparkle princess

    Sparkle princessPred 23 urami

    No no no ewwwww🤢🤮🤮

  52. Kyle time

    Kyle timePred 23 urami


  53. layla funny yummy show

    layla funny yummy showPred 23 urami


  54. Collette Gurini

    Collette GuriniPred 23 urami

    Thank u so much azzy for making my day 24/7

  55. ʀʏʟᴇᴇ ᴇɪʟɪꜱʜ

    ʀʏʟᴇᴇ ᴇɪʟɪꜱʜPred 23 urami

    Usually at lunch I pull out my laptop and watch your youtube videos! People at my school see me watching azzyland and they love your channel!

  56. Collette Gurini

    Collette GuriniPred 23 urami

    Azzy i love watching ur vids they always make my day and i am happy i watch ur vids !♡❤

  57. Shamsa Gaming

    Shamsa GamingPred 23 urami

    I would just pick ice and I could wait for tonight doesn’t always mean ice melts which is pretty to the shovel that’s easy to do

  58. toxic bxtch

    toxic bxtchPred 23 urami

    im all of them. 😃👍

  59. Aleksandra Tosic

    Aleksandra TosicPred 23 urami

    Scar was my favorite

  60. Tegan Martin

    Tegan MartinPred 23 urami

    The dry cleaning is august 15, the date is September 15 18:04

  61. Doryn laher

    Doryn laherPred 23 urami

    hi azzy I'm your biggest fan and my little sis is covid positive


    • MISSBUTTERFLY •Pred 23 urami

    “No one is perfect” me : Azzy ur perfect

  63. Layla Roberts

    Layla RobertsPred 23 urami

    My wish I to have a family

  64. Hrishti Mund

    Hrishti MundPred 23 urami


  65. the gamer dan

    the gamer danPred 23 urami

    i dont

  66. Robyn Austwick

    Robyn AustwickPred 23 urami

    And the youngest

  67. Spy ninja fan

    Spy ninja fanPred 23 urami

    Im a Assy fan and Swedish so i am Swedish and the kex pepparkakor bilar and tings like that👍🏻☺️

  68. Simon Connaughton

    Simon ConnaughtonPred 23 urami

    Azzy:teachers don't teach us about harry potter Me:mine did!

  69. ravi kumar

    ravi kumarPred 23 urami


  70. Nevaeh Grant

    Nevaeh GrantPred dnevom

    i love you Azzy

  71. Tegan Martin

    Tegan MartinPred dnevom

    If you save the kitten you r saving 2 lives

  72. Amanda Mhlongo

    Amanda MhlongoPred dnevom

    I'm 7💢😡

  73. Tegan Martin

    Tegan MartinPred dnevom

    D for amanda

  74. Khin Thawdar

    Khin ThawdarPred dnevom

    Wait if she is not good with water what if she cry’s or drink water or even shower

  75. Panda Purson

    Panda PursonPred dnevom

    To anyone who is reading this your amazing and beautiful and don’t listen to anyone mean because there is somone in the world for u ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  76. Halofox crafts and gaming

    Halofox crafts and gamingPred dnevom

    I watch this like 12 times but i still like to watch it

  77. HillmansWheelz

    HillmansWheelzPred dnevom

    Wow 🤩

  78. Best Friends Forever

    Best Friends ForeverPred dnevom

    In some places you van have a fenec fox

  79. FruttiPlays

    FruttiPlaysPred dnevom

    Love ur videos!!!💖

  80. Ramadevi gurram

    Ramadevi gurramPred dnevom

    Your sick voice soooooo cute😘